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Research, processing, packaging


The specialized facilities for researching, processing, and packaging drug products must adhere to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA guidelines. Sterile and aseptic processing environments in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotechnology industries are required to ensure effective contamination control.

Because of such high standards of cleanliness, interior wall and ceilings are subject to brutal daily wash-downs and disinfecting procedures. Therefore, a surface finish must be highly durable, impervious to outside elements and resist impact, moisture and corrosion.

Optimal room integrity

Pharmaceutical and biomedical facilities also require a wall and ceiling surface that can be easily integrated with existing structures to deliver optimal room integrity while providing a low cost of maintenance.

Arcoplast seamless wall and ceiling system creates a monolithic chamber that features aseptic designs such as featheredge radius interior junctions at floor, walls, and ceilings to meet the sanitary needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Antimicrobial finish

All panels utilize our ultra-hygienic and extremely smooth and impervious gel coat surface.

The antimicrobial finish is non-shedding, nonparticipating and aesthetically pleasing with a white, high gloss finish that doesn't fade out. Integration with an existing structure and processing equipment is easily accomplished and cut-outs and penetrations are executed in the field allowing last minute changes to be addressed with greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Architectural interior finish

Easily sanitized and disinfected, Arcoplast permanent wall and ceiling surfaces are impact, corrosion and chemical resistant.

Offering a lifetime of performance with little to no maintenance, Arcoplast is the ideal architectural interior finish for demanding and complex environments.