Arcoplast Specialized wall panel system

Arcoplast GFRPS : Glass fiber reinforced polymer wall panel system | Crime forensics laboratory

GFRP SPECIALIZED PANELING : Manufactured for specific application of industrial and scientific requirement where no deviation from strict criteria is acceptable. This specialized paneling system is designed to form a comprehensive wall to ceiling membrane, it has all the working features of the GFRP range, but has been modified for specific applications such as : Hospital R/F, RAD, X-Ray or C-Arm departments. The Security Steel shield and Ultra heavy duty paneling systems are for specialized commercial/ government buildings where high security is a requirement. Arcoplast Insulated ceiling panels are designed for temperature and noise controlled environments.

Specialized GFRP paneling are for lining both walls and ceilings to form a single barrier membrane. Arcoplast Insulated ceiling panels integrate with all Arcoplast wall panel systems to form a containment barrier, but the Arcoplast Insulated ceiling panels themselves are only for ceilings.