Arcoplast forensics lab using GFRP Panelling lead lined system

Arcoplast GFRP : Glass fiber reinforced polymer wall panel system | BSL3 Laboratory

GFRP IS THE STRONGEST ARCOPLAST PRODUCT. Designed for highly specialized facilities with strict requirements for environment control. Made of reinforced glass fiber, delivering the highest levels of performance relating to the primary barrier. GFRP has surpassed expectations of applied operational and functional criteria such as longevity, maintenance and reliability.

GFRP panels are configured for load and non-load bearing applications as well as direct attached ceiling or re-cladding existing surfaces. All Arcoplast products meet and exceed USDA, Canada Agriculture, FDA, NIH, CDC, BMBL, AS/NZS and USP 797. GFRP is compliant with specific guidelines for maximum containment facilities.