Arcoplast. Cleaning GFRMC paneling inside a mini portable lab

GFRMC paneling system : Decontamination process of mobile containment unit | BSL3 mobile laboratory

GFRMC IS A HIGH PERFORMANCE ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT PANELING SYSTEM : A robust, composite sanitary liner panel, having been developed as a wholistic system to accommodate the less physically demanding requirements of controlled environment. The GFRMC system is suitable for a wide range of applications for many industries and sciences ranging from PC2, PC3, BSL2, BSL3 and ABSL3 suits.

GFRMC : 5mm - 9.5mm is made from a non-woven composite core substrate reinforced with fiberglass resin. The outer coating has a high gloss gel coat finish providing a hard-smooth non-porous finish, making it easy to clean and is virtually maintenance free. The panel dimensions are impressive : From four feet (1 meter) to nine feet (2.7 meters) wide, and four feet (one meter) to forty feet (12.3meters) long, making this product very attractive to industries looking to contain high wall and vast ceiling areas with minimal panel joints.